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I Don't Know Anything About Gardening But I Bought A House With Raspberries So I Guess It's Time To Learn
April 18, 2020

Historically, I could be charitably described as "not great with plants". I've killed countless houseplants, and never successfully started a garden. I love plants, just... have always been too forgetful to care for them properly.

In January of 2019, I moved to Wisconsin with my fiancée, and in June we bought a house. I had two big requirements:

  • Fiber internet
  • A big yard for my dog to run around in

I got a little more than I bargained for with the second.

You see, the previous owners of my new house had been very avid gardeners, but as they grew older could no longer keep up with their garden. By the time I bought the house, the backyard included a five-years-unkempt square of raspberry bramble, sixty feet on a side. That first summer, there was a solid week where I brought in a pound or more of raspberries every day. The bramble was so thick and so full of six-foot-tall thistles I could reach only about half the raspberries that grew. Several plants got their leaves chewed up by some kind of beetle.

It was still a much more productive harvest than I was expecting, given that I'd put in exactly zero effort to taking care of the plants. The jam I made out of those raspberries was so good I decided it was finally time to learn how to handle plants. I knew when I bought the house that I would need to do something with the area!

I let the garden just kind of exist for the fall and winter and figured I'd start cleaning the area up and learning what I'm supposed to do about all this at the end of winter, so I could get in there when the snow is clear but the plants haven't grown back in yet.

That work has started! See the next post (coming soon!) for what I've learned and what my plans for the spring are.